Who is Morgan?


As a former Director of Sales for a large consumer electronics company turned full-time artist, Morgan is self-taught.  Inspired by the casual observation of people and life around him, his work is constantly evolving. Guided by patience, observation, and perseverance, his philosophy embraces "trial and error" - which he believes are wonderful teachers.

He is continually looking to incorporate new ideas and mediums and follows a multi-step process when creating his artwork. With a keen eye for texture and composition, coupled with a whimsical flare, Morgan creates works that are aesthetically engaging while also evoking a visceral response in the viewer.

Morgan’s works may be found at the following locations: 

ABC Carpet & Home, NYC

Arta Gallery, Toronto

Blue Crow Gallery, Toronto

Petroff Gallery, Toronto

Marten Arts Gallery, Bayfield

Artist Statement

In his series entitled "Masked", the masks represent the social self (who we pretend to be). The social self is a result of our environment, upbringing, circumstances, and the choices we have made. The ‘essential self’ is represented by the balloons. The essential self is who we truly are, who we are hardwired to be. The social and essential selves are designed to work in tandem with one another. However, many of us often lose touch with our essential self as we focus instead on the mask (our careers, what we drive, what we wear, where we are seen). That the balloons in this series are floating just out of reach is representative of the disconnect between the essential and the social self. The swirls above the character’s heads are representative of the thoughts and beliefs we hold as to why we can’t be who we truly are meant to be. The individuals in this series are typically placed in juxtaposition to their environment, somewhere that they don’t belong. Animals are also included as a simple reminder to be unapologetically true to yourself and who you are hardwired to be.